Scuba Rangers

AquaTrec Scuba RangersThe Scuba Rangers program is one of the world’s best-developed scuba and snorkeling programs for children. This program is designed for children aged 8 to 12.

AquaTrec will introduce your child to the underwater world teaching them many of the same skills certified divers learn while having fun.

Your children should have basic swimming skills, be comfortable in the water, and be in good health.

If you struggle to get your child interested in anything, why not try out children’s diving school through the time-tested Scuba Rangers program? Scuba Rangers becomes an activity that kids can’t wait to get back too.

Please note that SCUBA Rangers are not certified divers, and only dive in a pool under the supervision of a Ranger Instructor.

Scuba Rangers is not just a diving course, it can also be a long term activity if they want to become part of a Scuba Rangers Club! During the club sessions they learn about our environment, get more diving experience and have a fun time together. They will try underwater photography or night diving with torches in the swimming pool, visit zoos and aquariums, go to the cinema or take part in other challenging activities.


Safety is a top priority. Scuba Rangers programs can only be taught by specially trained instructors in a pool (or under confined water conditions in a protected area) up to a maximum depth of 4 meters (12 feet). In depths greater than 1.50 meters (5 feet) there is a one-to-two instructor-to-student ratio. All Scuba Rangers Instructors are required to pass a state background check before working with children.

Cost $249

Includes: Scuba Rangers Manual & Workbook, Logbook, DVD, Mesh Bag, Patch, Sticker, Equipment Rental, Certification Card.
Scuba Ranger Equipment Bundle: $99.00 (includes mask, fins, snorkel, wetsuit, mesh bag, mask scrub, and mask defog a $120 Value)

Liability Waiver
Medical Statement

Scuba Rangers Instructors

SSI Instructors are only allowed to teach if they are affiliated with an SSI Facility. This concept unique in the industry allows direct monitoring of all active SSI Dive Professionals to ensure the highest quality education.

The Scuba Ranger Instructors who teach children diving school courses have not only been deemed excellent divers by our strict SSI standards, they have also had special training in how to teach diving to children specifically. During the Scuba Rangers sessions and club activities, safety always comes first; the instructor-student ratio is always respected, and sufficient medical resources are always close at hand.

For Kids

Check out a fun Coloring Book! Scuba diving is full of all sorts of colors! Learn more about the Scuba Rangers programs for kids! You can be a diver too!

Scuba Rangers Coloring Book