Make the Most of Your Snorkeling Experience!

Snorkeling is a great way to view the underwater world from the surface and an introductory course is the perfect way to feel comfortable in the water before your vacation. You will become more comfortable by learning new snorkeling skills with tips from an experienced staff member. Learn the proper way to kick, breath and even dive down for a closer look. The snorkeling course teaches you how to be safe and to enjoy the adventure!

Get Started Now!

  1. Sign up for the online course.
  2. Complete the Snorkeling Medical Statement
  3. Contact the store to schedule snorkeling session.
  4. Bring the completed form into the store along with a suit and towel!

The Snorkeling program may be your first step in becoming a freediver or even a scuba diver. Most people enjoy it so much that they enroll in a complete beginner training program afterwards. Through the SSI Open Water Diver program you can complete this training and get full credit for what you have already accomplished in the Snorkeling program, so you do not have to do things twice!


Snorkeling Certification $45
Includes online course, pool session and rental equipment.